Sabzi Art


Since 1989, Sabzi Studio is proud to publish all various types of artwork created by renowned artist and master colorist, Mahmood Sabzi. Sabzi studio has been the home of all various genre of works, created by Sabzi.

Whether it is sculptures, original paintings or fine art reproduction, Sabzi Studio is proud to be the only place where all genre of works created by Sabzi can be inquired about and enjoyed.


Sabzi Studio only commits to the highest qualities in the entire process. By using a custom designed, custom programmed 44″ x 50″ flatbed scanner, enables us to scan large format works of art with unparalleled detail and accuracy.  This is critical in creating a digital rendering with true clarity and depth.

Our custom scanning equipment captures all the subtleties of fine works of art, from brush stroke texture to deep shadow detail.

Of course, even the highest-caliber scan will not make a difference if the print approach is wrong. We are focused and dedicated to providing artwork printing that ensures the integrity of the original artwork and its translation to exact replica printing.

Our commitment to color preservation and artwork reproduction has made our final product just as timeless and precious as its original.

We DO NOT use any optical brightener additives. Thru pinpoint precision, we recreate timeless quality masterpieces.

We take pride in the entire process from sharing the beauty of the artwork to the final delivery at your preferred location. We look forward to hearing from You.

Sabzi Studio